Restarting, to an Extent…

Sway of StarsI’m Starting over.

Just like 11th Edition Magic 2010. I’m going to take posts from my past that I like and create all new content.  For a while I was thinking of just leaving this blog but I love the game too much.  I want to voice my opinion and luckily there are people who want to read it.  Of course some of them come here in search of 11th Edition Spoilers (Hint: Basic Land!), but some of them are legitimate people in search of debate and magic design.

MaRo (Mark Rosewater, he’s kind of a big deal) always said that “restrictions always breeds creativity.”  And it’s true, but talking about Magic design when you don’t see any of your cards printed can only go so far.  I will still talk about Magic design a good deal of the time, have my conversations with MaRo, and even speculate what could be in Base Sets (Every year now!). 

But I’ll do other related Magic topics, such has my successful Motivational Posters (More to come), or even talk about different formats (I’ve been getting into EDH and I love my Highlander 150 deck), talk about prereleases or even some crazy things like “Is an all-gold set a bad idea?.”  There might be a photoshop here or there, or even a deck list, just to mix things up.  This won’t ever become a hard-core competitive Mike Flores or Bill Stark type blog. I can’t devote that much time to competitive Magic; I have a wife and we haven’t even been married a year yet.

I’ve also decided that I shouldn’t press myself to have to feel like I need to set to a schedule.  If I’m busy one week and I can’t write anything down, I’ll write it when I get a chance.  You don’t want to hear my excuses, you just want to read something while you’re bored at work (If you still have one, and I hope you do).  Work comes first, then wife, then cards.

In summary (Don’t you used to hate writing that in the 5-paragraph papers in high school?): I’m back, blog is getting a makeover (I miss that show), and I will be creating new content.  There will be more posts than the past few months, but don’t expect one every day.  I sure don’t.  If I’ve got a shorter idea of what I want to do, I won’t hesitate.  Sometimes you may just get an idea for a card, other times a really long post.  With this flexibility, I will want to post more often.

I’ve now signed up for Twitter (, and have AIM (colorpiemtg), MSN ( and Yahoo (mtgcolorpie) accounts.  Don’t be afraid to add me and say hi, or to remind me to update.  As for the moment, I’m still cleaning up the blog; it’s pretty dusty in here.

With any luck I’ll be Twittering from the Seattle Prerelease.  And I’ll be talking to MaRo Tuesday about the cards he dsigned.  Whoa, let’s not get ahead of myself…

It’s good to be back.

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