After MaRo – Never Gonna Give You Up

If you don’t remember, I call MaRo every week to talk about his article of the week, or talk about anything that comes to mind.  I’ve got 500 anytime minutes, I use them as I please.

Hello, this is Mark Rosewater speaking.

Hey, this is Robby ********* from M:tG Color Pie.

Oh yes, I remember you.  I read that you’re back now.  And Congratulations on the marriage and house.

Well, thank you.  I don’t have the high paying job the lets me focus on Magic all the time like you do, but I try and get by.

Well, the come and join us here in Renton.

(Excited) Seriously?

(Laughing) No.  People fall for that all the time.

Yeah, I bet they do. (I sigh)

What’s on your mind today?

Well, since you’re doing your annual State of Design column next week, I won’t tell you what I’m thinking right now.  I will tell you that I’m still playing, no matter if my blog is updated or not.  I guess you can say that I’m never gonna give up the game of Magic.

Never gonna let the game of Magic go?


Never gonna run around and desert it?

Uh, sure I guess you could say that.


Wait…  Damn it.

You set yourself up for that.

I know, I know.

Since you’re not going to tell me anything until next week, you have any interesting Elf decks you want to tell me.

I’ve built a couple of decks around elves that have been very degenerate besides just playing a million elves.

Oh, do tell…

Why do I get the image that you’re sitting by a fire with a cup of cocoa in your hand.

(Slurping) Because I am.  Continue.

Back in Onslaught block I played two Elf-centreic decks.  One was superman…


Wirewood Channeler with Pemmin’s Aura with Rune the Runes to go get Flamewave Invoker.  I think I scarred some kids playing that combo by teaching them that nothing is infinite.

Ah, I am Superman.  I get it, cleaver. For awhile the deck didn’t have a name.  What was the next one?

It used Fierce Empath (a 150 Highlander favorite of mine) to go get dragons and bounce it to my hand with Wirewood Symbiote for a super-large Kilnmouth Dragon kill.

(Pause, slurping) You’re a Johnny, aren’t you?

Yes.  Yes I am.  Johnny Spike, actually.  You got a problem with that.

(Slurping) No, just making sure.

One of the standard decks I’m using right now for fun is a druid deck.  Mostly Elf druid and it uses Gilt-Leaf Archdruid to steal all the lands and multiple Baru, Fist of Krosa to make really big creatures.  It’s a druid as well.  I’ve gotten turn 4 land steals.

Hmm, interesting.  Anyway, my break is over and I’ve got real work to do.  Any last words before you hear the dial tone?

I’ve got some interesting things to say to you next week.  Bring back States.

(Dial tone)

Please 😦


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