Mr. Green Thinks Communism was Just a Red Herring – Planar Chaos “Green” Timeshifted Cards

Yes, I was watching Clue when I wrote this. Sue me. If you haven’t seen it yet, do. Classic. And because of that, all of my verdicts will be quotes from this movie.

Again, another Planar Chaos review about the color/timeshifted cards and how they fit into the Color Pie. This time, it’s Green (not Red like the color Red is in the title). Yes, this is an absurd title, I reconize that. But since everyone likes to visit these strange posts with the names, I want to see if they’re visit this one as well. It’s a test, pure and simple.

Just as Green and White are seen as close allies in colors, most of the Green timeshifted cards in this set came from White. Infact, that’s why I chose this quote, as White and Communism goes together… oopps, I wasn’t supposed to say anything yet. Wait until two weeks. And now, the cards.

Essence WardenSoul Warden

Only card that was colorshifted (so far) that could be a hybrid card. Green uses its creatures to gain life (fitting Green’s tie in with Creatures) while White likes gaining life through its actions (not necessary through creatures). Not only is this Green, but it’s White, making it the perfect hybrid. You hear that Wizards?
Verdict – “Do you like Kipling, Miss Scarlet?” “Sure, I’ll eat anything.”

Fa’adiyah SeerSindbad

While the color shift fits Green (using a creature to draw a card only if it’s a land), Sindbad has a funny tale of one of the reasons why it was used in the first place, because it’s not that good of a card. The rumor went that players used Sindbad in decks without sleeves and with Ice Age lands. Ice Age was printed with a weaker coloring back so players knew when to activate the card (if someone can find the article somewhere, my mad skills couldn’t). Anyway, the colorshift works.
Verdict – “I enjoy getting presents from strange men.”

Gaea’s AnthemGlorious Anthem

Green likes to make it’s creatures bigger, so it’s no surprise that this card became Green. But, it’s an enchantment, Green hates unnatural things (enchantments/artifacts). But, it benefits creatures, so it’s allowable. Though, a little selfish being only your creatures (not Green), and might have been Crusade (though it’s said Bad Moon was tested at too powerful, but it would have been more Green.
Verdict – “This is one of my favorite recipes.” “I know.”

GroundbreakerBall Lightning

The Red version is much more loved an feared (since Red has direct damage and could be the finishing blow). This could be a Green creature, but it has that clause, “At end of turn, sacrifice Groundbreaker.” While we haven’t gotten there yet (it’s a Red trait), it’s hardly seen in Green. For this one set, like so many other “Blue” cards, it will fit since it was about Green being aggressive. But I wouldn’t see this reprinted again.
Verdict – “The key is gone!” “Never mind about the key, unlock the door!”


Some might say Damnation was a mistake to print. I say it was this card. Don’t get me wrong, I love Green, and I love this card, but it’s not Green. It was said this card works because it can be seen as another area of Green growth theme (+1/+1), but in card instead of creatures. The trouble is that this card has nothing to do with creatures, land or nature, therefore, not Green. Never again will Green get this draw. Never ever.
Verdict – “Are you trying to make me look stupid in front of the other guests?” “You don’t need any help from me, sir.”

Healing LeavesHealing Salve

Protect the creatures by prevent the damage (White) or by giving it +0/+3 until end of turn (Green). They both gain life. Yeah, this card works. No need for more discussion.
Verdict – “What are you afraid of, a fate worse than death?” “No, just death, isn’t that enough?”

Hedge TrollSedge Troll

While it’s not the menace that Kird Ape is, it’s still pretty good. It shows of the color relationship with While (not that we haven’t seen that before), and the ability to Regenerate, a Green (and in Planar Chaos, White) ability. It’s not as weird seeing it on a Green creature than a Red one though. The +1/+1 with a Plains, it shows Green’s love of lands.
Verdict – “Why is J. Edgar Hoover on your phone?” “I don’t know! He’s on everyone else’s, why shouldn’t he be on mine?”

Keen SenseCuriosity

This is the way Green should draw cards. Not only is it tied to a creature, but it’s not too powerful for one mana. While the shift has been slow to phase out the “Ophianian effect” in Blue, one should it continue in Green and less in Blue for the upcoming sets (The reason why it shouldn’t be in Blue is that Blue is not a combat orientated color. It wants to outwit the opponent, but mostly do that at instant speed, not one extra time a turn if it hits an opponent).
Verdict – “Can you keep a secret?” “Yes…” “So can I.”

Seal of PrimordiumSeal of Cleansing

It’s funny, for years Wizards makes the only way Green to constantly can draw cards is by playing enchantment cards, and when they shift over that to it’s correct color, it shifts its seal over to a color that doesn’t need it. Sure, it works as a Green enchantment, but stop shifting cards that need the Enchantress to work.
Verdict – “We’re trying to find out who killed him, and -where-, and with -what-!”

That’s it for “Green” week. Hopefully next week, we’ll have a fun game to play (Read my last post if you don’t know what I’m talking about). Tomorrow, I may have a bonus post where I might need your help. It will be great.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Green Thinks Communism was Just a Red Herring – Planar Chaos “Green” Timeshifted Cards”

  1. Hi, I love these articles, and think that you’ve got some great insights when it comes to the color pie.

    But, from looking at it, I can’t help but have the feeling that these colors tend to be one dimensional in nature. That Blue is always about the Jedi mind tricks, Black about gaining power at any cost and Green about Nature and all its goodies.

    In the above you said Harmonize was a mistake to print because it has nothing to do with the traditional characteristics of the Color. Why is such radical deviance from the color so bad? Does green not have its fair share of Druids and other intellectual harmony type classes that would provide just as much justification for card draw as the proliferation of Wizards in blue? Or is Green really just a color dedicated to creatures, mana production, lands and Artifact/Enchantment destruction that all other mechanics must work around such principles?

  2. I’m not saying that Green should get no sense of drawing at anytime whatso ever. What I am saying is that to have a Green spell to simply state, “Draw three cards” doesn’t make any sense in the color as it doesn’t help “Nature” in anyway. Though, with the Druids and Elves that Green has, it would make sense to have a creature that says, “T: Draw a card.” It’s a creature (which Green likes) that uses its intellect (which you suggested). That would fit in with the intellect that the Green-based societies that see print. Cantrips work in all colors as it’s just not a straight drawing spell (most of the time).

    I’m using this project as a way to communicate the basic needs/wants of the color. There are ways that the colors can sometimes deviate from its core material, but not by much. In the future, when we actually look to design cards on this site, we can reference these articles as a way to see if a mechanic or card is in the wrong color. These are not the final say about the colors set in stone, but what they would do, most of the time.

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