Wizards Made these Cards Sad. And by Sad, I Mean “Blue”

Listen, I know I’m not perfect. I have faults just like everyone else whether they like to admit it or not. What am I confessing? The blog title on when I talked about Black timeshifted cards in Planar Chaos (A Fresh Coat of Paint – Fixing “Black” Cards in Planar Chaos). That title might have been a little misleading. Readers might have thought I was trying to fix Black cards in that set, when I was talking about how Wizards fixed cards that weren’t Black and made them Black to put in that set as timeshifted cards. My mistake. That is the only reason why I think that article has continued to get so many readers. If that’s not the case, and people actually like it, then, cool. And if you were wondering, that picture at the beginning of the article was a reference to Planet of the Apes, which I made a joke to right next to it.

That’s why instead of calling this one ‘A Fresh Coat of Paint – Fixing “Blue” cards in Planar Chaos,’ I named it like it is above. A) I decided that this make more sense for what I’m doing with this column and B) I like it; it’s kinda funny. Like before, I’m just taking a look at the timeshifted/colorshifted cards printed in this set. We could have picked any cards to reprint, and they chose these.

You’ll see a common theme in all of these picks. As I explained on Sunday, the color Blue is just like the Jedis, with their mind tricks and everything. By using their superior knowledge and way to manipulate time and space and the non-physical world, they’re able to control whatever they want. Except Blue is more passive aggressive and back stabbing. Blue is not evil, it just acts that way.

Frozen AetherKismet

Jedi mind trick #1 – Convincing your opponent that all the stuff he plays, he can’t use right away. While this was great in White (and I still think it is since it’s a “Rule” card), it also functions as a great way to demonstrate Blue’s ability to tap things.
Verdict – Yes!

Gossamer PhantasmSkulking Ghost

While Blue used to have cheap flyers (and in the case of the timeshifted cards, Flying Men again), so this isn’t that bad of a stretch. The “Oops you looked at me and now I must die” ability that these two cards share is a little odd for Blue. While 2/1 flying for 1U is good and in color, the drawback is not really Blue.
Verdict – Meh

Merfolk ThaumaturgistDwarven Thaumaturgist

Jedi Mind Trick #2 – Convincing a creature that it’s really less powerful then it is/more powerful than it is. While this ability is seen in Red as emotion based (as it should be), in Blue it’s more of the mind trick that makes it fit. Sometimes it kills creatures (ala “walls”) but not enough to make it Blue destruction.
Verdict – These aren’t the driods you’re looking for


See Jedi Mind Trick #2, but make them a sheep. Image Obi-Wan at a party as a hypnotist. “You’re a sheep. Baaa for us.” Blue likes sheep, as well as Wizards.
Verdict – Baaaaaa

Piracy CharmFuneral Charm

While discard was a theme for Blue in Planar Chaos, it should be noted that most of it was instant. Black hardly ever gets Instant (3 instant cards ever that are tournament legal), yet Blue got them. Why? Well, it’s the whole Jedi concept again, making you forget spells. Hopefully, it’s only this one set where we’ll see this. Piracy Charm fits into this concept.
Verdict – For one set only

Primal PlasmaPrimal Clay

Blue should get this more often. It adjusts its shape when it comes into play depending on the situation. As an ooze that is more magical then physical, it fits into the Blue philosophy as using knowledge (of the situation) to use it to an advantage (need a flyer, a wall?).
Verdict – Yes

Riptide PilfererHeadhunter

The discard through attacking, which is opposite of what Blue is used to (drawing through attacking (which is becoming a Green ability)). Again, discard was Blue in this set, so it was natural.
Verdict – Again, only in this set should we see Blue discard.

Serendib SorcererSorceress Queen

See Jedi Mind Trick #2.
Verdict – Republic credits will do use fine.

Serra SphinxSerra Angel

It was argued that Blue likes to think ahead, which is why Vigilance was on this card. Then it got shot down. I think it’s not that bad of an idea (like it was said, Blue creatures can untap themselves from time to time. I’m just sad because I love this art, and it appears on a Blue card. It should be Green, in my opinion.
Verdict – Yes, only I wish there was more of this type of card

That’s it for today. I hope I cleared up the issue of what my last one of this was called. I’m sure you’ll forgive me. I’ve got a special surprise for you next week if everything goes as planned. On Sunday you’ll get a new color. And I’m sure I’ll get some hate mail for what I’m going to say. If you do want to send mail, either comment here or e-mail me at mtgcolorpie_@_gmail_._com.

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