The Color Pie Identity Project – Introduction

The key to designing good cards is to know where they go in the Color Pie.

Color Pie? I’ve mentioned it around a million times. Hey, even the title of this blog is M:tG Color Pie. What is this Color Pie that I keep mentioning then?

The Color Pie is a term invented by Wizards of the Coast (either Wizards or WotC) for Magic for the identity of the five colors of Magic. Each of the colors have a flavor of what they can and cannot do with their spells, and those restrictions are what the Color Pie is about (I personally capitalize Color Pie because I believe it’s a proper noun). You can’t have a Green discard spell, and you can’t have a Red gain life spell according to the color pie, and you’re find out why.

It’s with this series of posts starting next Sunday (and one color for each Sunday during the great month of September), that I’ll explain each color’s role in the game. Then once we get done, we’ll be able to finally design cards in their appropriate color. I’ll take a look at each of the colors: their philosophies, their strengths and weaknesses especially concerning permanents, their relationships with their friends and enemies, and a card of every type that demonstrates their color.

Next Sunday we’ll take a good look at the first in our five-part series: better know a color. Tuesday, we’ll see if MaRo will take my call again.

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