Magic Motivational Posters

I love those motivational posters that people do online. I’ve got like 100 saved on my computer though I can’t show because of Rule #34. So, I did the next best thing, I created some Magic: The Gathering Motivational Posters. It’s a little comedy break while I’m working on my big project about the roles of each color of the Color Pie. hopefully I’ll start it in the next week.

In the mean time, here’s some Magic motivational posters. Make your own and send them in. Or, if you think you’ve got better punchlines, comment me and I’ll change them if I think yours are better. If you want full scale pics, e-mail me and I’ll send them to you (I may change this wordpress theme since I have to shrink pics all the time).

You guys like this comedy stuff (this and the MaRo piece of Tuesday)? Or do you just want straight design topics? Tell me what you think: mtgcolorpie_AT_gmai_dot_com, or commenting here.

3 thoughts on “Magic Motivational Posters”

  1. Man those are great. Awesome idea.

    Need Hi-Res versions.

    Can I check was Overkill meant to say “Take that you 1/1 soldier token!”?

    Really pleased with these…

  2. Glad you liked them. Full size coming your way.
    I noticed that, and thought the “n” looked like a “r” when I shrank the pics. Oops… Fixed now

  3. I have an idea for one…..

    Pic: Goblin Pyromancer

    Big Bold Word (BBW): Goblins

    Sub Quote (SB) : “Yes, they ARE that stupid.”

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