Virgin Pie – Xth Edition Uncommons

I was going to repost the first several paragraphs from my previous post to provide some kinda of consistency. Then I realized that you were going to skip it and just look at the girls to the right. Or the cards. I guess that’s why some people come here, to read cards and to learn from me. Or the girls from American Pie. But Shannon Elizabeth isn’t on the cover, shouldn’t she be? Don’t ask me, ask Paramount (Yes, that’s a SFWish image).

Today, we’ve got the uncommons to look at. Remember, these are not the best uncommons in the set in terms of power, but the ones that are the best designed for the color. There’s a smaller pool now, since we’re still sticking to cards where this is their first time being printed in a Core Set (again, with the virgin remark).

I think that this is an interesting exercise since it forces you to look at other cards. I mean, Cruel Edict would win for black, but it was reprinted in 9th (and as a player rewards card). By taking a look at the new cards, it tells us in what way R&D are going with each color.


Stronghold Discipline – 2BB
Each player loses 1 life for each creature he or she controls.

“Your over confidence is your weakness.”
“Your faith in your friends is your’s.” – Return of the Jedi
I can imagine people saying this as they play this spell. Sure, you can have those 20 elf tokens out. Here, take 20 life. This perfectly illistrates Black’s need to punish people for relying on anyone but themselves. Since it hits every player as well, it doesn’t mind taking one for the team if it’s for Black definition of “The Greater Good.”

Also Ran –
Rain of Tears for bringing back the evil that is land destruction. Portal is not a Core Set; lay off me.


Telling Time – 1U
Look at the top three cards of your library. Put one of those cards into your hand, one on top of your library, and one on the bottom of your library.

I’ve always wanted them to bring back Brainstorm (to teach newer players the idea of card advantage). Then I realized something. Brainstorm + Dredge = “Dogs and cats living together (If you don’t get that joke, ask your friendly Movie Geek)!” Get to work on that Legacy. So, here’s it’s replacement; not broken, but still good in terms of card advantage. Something that Blue loves it displays the colors ability to shoe deck manipulation and card “drawing.”

Also Ran –
Persuasion for bringing back the creature stealing Control Magic (albeit 1 more) to Blue.


Sylvan Scrying – 1G
Search your library for a land card, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

Green’s two best virgin designed cards are both searching? That’s not Green at all. Wood Elves, Chord of Calling, Edge of Autumn, Fierce Empath, Natural Order, Crop Rotation. As long as it is just creatures or lands, both which Green is attuned to since it’s the “Nature” color, it’s all right. I mean, look at Living Wish. The fact that this goes with Treetop Village is great. Note: one could make the argument for the also ran as well, both could have been up here.

Also Ran –
Overrun for giving Green creature decks (are there any other kind) something to swing with.


Mogg Fanatic – R
Creature – Goblin
Sacrifice Mogg Fanatic: Mogg Fanatic deals 1 damage to target creature or player.

I know that this is a great card, but two of Red’s most unique flavor quirks come with this card. First is the emotion side of this. “Fine, you’re going to stand in my way, I’m going to still get you for this,” is what that one damage says. The other, Red’s short term gain at long term disadvantage is the other. Basic Magic theory says it is better to attack over and over again with a 1/1 to deal as much damage as possible then waste it on sacrifice it at the first chance possible. Please remember that the next time you play him on turn one (That’s your Magic tip of the day).

Also Ran –
Cone of Flame for showing flavor for a Red burn spell (it’s a fire cone that does damage depending on where you are in the cone).


Rule of Law – 2W
Each player can’t play more than one spell each turn.

The reason why Meddling Mage didn’t get Timeshifted was that it screwed up a set mechanic: Suspend. So, storm played freely without any way to truely hose the mechanic. Oh well. Along with removing key spells from 10th, adding this card should slow down it’s dominance. But this isn’t just a hose card, but a great way to show of White’s barely used rule making ability. This is the type of control cards that I expect from White all the time. The fact that this was shifted down to an uncommon is groovy.

Also Ran –
Condemn for giving White defensive measures, which it always likes.


Mind Stone – 2
T: Add 1 to your mana pool.
1, T, Sacrifice Mind Stone: Draw a card.

Players voted this in, which was nice of them to do. It clearly states what an artifact is: objects that helps players out. It isn’t always magical spells, but things as well. Again, teaching new players about card advantage and multiple uses isn’t such a bad thing. You can fit this into almost any deck and if you don’t need it, it replaces itself. Good job voters, pat yourself on the back.

Also Ran –
Leonin Scimitar for showing that not all equipment that’s good has to be broken.

That’s a look at the commons. You can always leave your thoughts here; yell at me if I’m wrong or agree with me. I think I might try and stick to a Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday schedule. I don’t think that any Magic site updates Sunday, so it will give you something new to read on the day of rest. Join me next time when, well, I think you know what’s coming

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